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The gardens

Grade I gardens, endless paths and giant redwoods.

Immerse yourself

The gardens have been carefully restored and supported without being manicured. This is one of the best spots in North Wales to immerse yourself in nature and marvel at the diverse species thriving in a natural environment. From hilly forest sections to woodlands along the stream and open grass areas there’s something for everyone.

Thomas John Wynn, 2nd Lord Newborough, developed the woodlands at Glynllifon, planting larch and oak and other native trees. In fact, he planted so many trees (nearly 4 million!) that in 1828 he received a Gold Medal from the Royal Society of Arts.

Did you know?
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A journey of discovery

Wandering through the gardens you’ll quickly find yourself lost in history & nature. Discover the giant redwoods, find some of the rare ferns and spot birds as you follow the stream.

As you go deeper into the park you’ll come across historic bridges, cascading waterfalls, a grand water fountain and carved wooden animals. Closer to the entrance you can also learn more about the water mill and steam engine which once powered the sawmills on the estate.

Feasibility work is due to be carried out to restore the mill turbine and will then be used to power the shops and studios on-site.

Want to get even closer to nature? Download the Seek app for free and scan as you go to discover plant and animal species around the park.

Explore the park


What we’ve done and what we’re working on next as part of our continuing restoration and improvement plans. You can read more or support our work by donating to specific projects that interest you.

The wardens

The park is maintained by our dedicated full-time wardens and their team of volunteer wardens. A small team creating a huge impact.

Led by Nathan, Bryn & Jack, you’ll see the wardens hard at work as you explore the park. Stop to ask them any questions as they know the park’s history inside out. They’ll also stop you to say hi and check your tickets as you’re wandering around.

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